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A group of professionals with experience in Engineering development, Procurement Management, Construction Management and Comprehensive IPC Project Management.

Experience and Expertise:

With a solid track record in the field of project management, our team of professionals provides deep knowledge and experience in each of the areas of competence in which we develop our services.

Custom tailored Approach:

Each client and project is unique. At PMPC Serviceswe work closely with our clients to understand their specific goals and needs. Our solution-oriented project management approach ensures that we deliver solutions that meet our clients business goals.

Best Practices and Methodologies:

At PMCP Services we adopt the best practices and methodologies recognized and proven in project management, which guide our behaviors and actions for the management of successful projects.

No project is too large or too small for PMCP Services

PMPC PMPC Services specialize in managing projects that exceed expectations at every step of the way. Our experience, personalized approach, and commitment to quality guarantee the success of your project, regardless of your industry.

Our extensive experience and deep knowledge of various markets allow us to successfully execute projects of all sizes and complexities.

Trust us to deliver solutions that exceed your expectations, no matter the challenge. Versatility and excellence are our hallmarks at PMCP Services. Let's work together to propel your next project to success.

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Our services:

Integrated Engineering Services throughout the Project Life Cycle

PMCP Services applies its accumulated knowledge and technologies to provide project services that cover planning, engineering, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance of any type of process plant and social infrastructure. See more


Project Consulting and Management Services

PMCP Services offers project management consulting that is flexible enough to adapt to projects from small-scale to multi-million dollar projects. See more

Project Management Training for Our Clients Personnel

At PMCP Services, we design and execute tailored project management training and professional development plans for our clients' staff according to their strategic needs. See more

Implementation of Project Management Offices (PMO) in Organizations

PMCP Services has a team of professionals with the skills and experience to help its clients adapt their organizations to improve project execution. See more

PMCP Services: Project Management Expertise for All Sectors

PMPC Services is a Venezuelan company formed by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to assisting clients in the successful management of their projects.

We provide professional project management services tailored to the specific needs of each client.


Featured Sectors:

PMCP Services has a proven track record of success in a variety of industries, including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Electricity generation
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial plants
  • Community Development
  • Mining
  • Social Projects – NGOs
  • Projects for Retail and Banking

Years of combined experience from our leadership team

Projects in which our management team has participated

Successful Project Management delivers the expected Value to its Stakeholders

At PMCP Services we have adopted as our best practices and methodologies proven and recognized in successful project management.

More than 25 years innovating and growing

PMPC Services has professionals with extensive experience in the field of project management assistance to different civil society organizations or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Venezuela.

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